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Invariance Principle

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
    The Human Equation and the Laws of Economics are invariant (by region,
temperature, gravitational constant, entropy, etc.).  The rest of our
are no more than mere "noise".

PS: American model is not a model for the Free-Market system - although a
approximation than some of the other economies.

Vamsi M.

"Tiwari, Umesh K" wrote:

> I am sorry, this debate on free market capitalism versus education system is
> so mixed up here that often times we don't even know whether we are
> defending free market system, or advocating universal primary education for
> all, or simply praising American Free Market economy without really getting
> deep into what American Education System is doing and how far away that is
> from its own free market economy.
> Thank You.
> Umesh Tiwari

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