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more seats for losers

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Interesting article about population and representation. what can be done?

Do Badly, Get A Prize
Some time in the next few years, parliamentary constituencies in India will
be redrawn, better reflecting the distribution of population. This is not an
unusual procedure, it happens every now and then. When it next does, states
like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will get more seats than they have today. Their
gain will come at the expense of states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Why will this happen? Because population growth is slowing in TN and Kerala,
whereas it is not in UP and Bihar. (Actually, the growth rate in the north
is slowing, but much more slowly than it is in the south). That is, TN and
Kerala constitute a steadily smaller share of the country's population,
while UP and Bihar's share grows larger. So if we accept that Parliament
must reflect the country's population, that each MP must represent about the
same number of Indians, UP and Bihar will inevitably gain Lok Sabha seats
while Kerala and TN lose them.

Does this seem slightly unfair to you? It does to me.
full article at

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