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Re: Kashmir

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hi ,

Replying to the first part of the debate what I would like to say is - It is 
very very difiicult for us ( Indians ) to believe that a strong leadership 
in Pakistan would emerge which would support us (India) in finding a 
solution to the Kashmir problem. This is due to the fact which has been 
repeated quite a few times till now that in Pakistan it is the military that 
is very strong than any political party there - leave alone the ruling 
party. Another fact is - all  subversive activities being perpetuated 
against India by Pakistan is fully supported and funded by the Pakistani 
Army and the ISI. This shows the extent to which Pakistan wants to 
destabilise India. Indian Army or Intelligence has never been accused to 
even trying to destablise any country. So how can we expect or even think of 
Pakistan helping us in trying to solve the Kashmir problem.

>From: Suresh Anand <sanand@writemail.com>
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>Subject: Kashmir
>Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 07:44:26 -0800 (PST)
>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Thank you Arvind!  (I hope you do not mind my addressing you by your first
>Kashmir, I read your series on the Rediff pages with great interest. On
>technicalities and legal point of view you cannot be faulted. Yet, the
>problem remains and we should be sincere about finding a solution. In all
>fairness, whatever the solution, it must be acceptable to a vast majority
>in Kashmir.  In fact through sincere dialogue with the people of Kashmir,
>it may not be difficult for a consensus to emerge.
>Before such a dialogue can take place, there has to be a peaceful  and
>trusting environment. All militant activities have to stop. For that we
>will need cooperation from Pakistan. The situation is not very dissimilar
>to that prevailing in Northern Ireland. Over there, although they have not
>found the final solution as yet, at least there is little violence for the
>past 2-3 years.  Hopefully, they have not stopped talking and eventually a
>solution acceptable to all may be found. Such a first step needs to be made
>in our subcontinent too. For this to happen, strong leadership in both
>India and Pak is needed. Unfortunately Kargil and the hijacking truly
>poisoned the atmosphere.  It is my sincere hope and wish that a sensible
>leadership will emerge in Pakistan from the present mess. When that
>happens, India must open a sincere dialogue again....with a view to
>arriving at a solution which is acceptable to the  all the Kashmiris. India
>and Pakistan cooperation will be needed for that to happen.
>   In my humble opinion the most sensible solution is for the combined
>Kashmir to have complete autonomy which should be guaranteed by both India
>and Pakistan.  Minority rights will have to guaranteed under the joint
>I am aware that the above opinion is not shared by the vast majority in
>India. But this is only because there is no trust between India and
>Pakistan. These two countries share a common and ancient culture
>(forgetting about the religious divide). Someone has to make a start to
>start building bridges. Cooperation from both sides is needed. I hope the
>next, better educated and more aware,  generation will work for that end.
>There is no reason why India and Pakistan including Kashmir should not have
>open borders.
>Unfortunately presently Pakistan is obsessed with Kashmir. In their view,
>Kashmir solution must be found before building of any other bridges. That
>is putting the cart before the horse. No solution can be found without
>mutual trust. Any forced solution will never work.
>On Indian side, we must acknowledge that there is a problem as regards
>Kashmir issue, and agree to have a dialogue on this issue with Pakistan.
>Both countries should acknowledge that there is a problem, and then agree
>to put it aside for a few years. During that period both countries must
>work to reduce tension every where and promote mutual trade and cultural
>exchange...aiming for open borders. Once that happens, Kashmir issue will
>have a ready solution.
>My hope is that the next generation will see this problem more sensibly and
>rise above artificial religious and other petty divides.
>I will appreciate your views
>At 11:38 AM 12.02.2000 +0530, you wrote:
> >Dear Mr Anand
> >
> >Many thanks for your bountiful praise. About your own views on Kashmir,
> >I'd certainly like to know them.
> >
> >With regards
> >
> >Arvind Lavakare
> >
> >Suresh Anand wrote:
> >>  I do not always share all views expressed by Mr. Lavakare 
> >> relating to Kashmir issue), but I salute him for this open letter to 
> >> Congressman Narayanan . All points made by Mr Lavakare are very valid
> >> indeed and it was about time the President is taken to task for his
> >> partisan behavior and decisions.
> >>
> >>Well done Arvind!
> >>
> >>http://www.rediff.com/news/2000/feb/08arvind.htm
> >>
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