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Re: Umesh on Education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
    And the big question is whether we want the unregulated/corrupt hand of
Government to "develop" the infrastructure or let the invisible hand of the
free-market take care of its rapid and fair development?

    I do not think Dr. Shah was disputing whether there should be education,
health care, etc. in the Indian Society.  It is an issue of whether we want an
unregulated, self-serving, and corrupt institution like the Government to
provide the services?  Or do we want a system with adequate checks and
such as competition and accountability, which are manifested through the
of a free-market system to provide these essential services?

Vamsi M.

"Tiwari, Umesh K" wrote:

> It is not the "free things" that one expects out of freedom, but the
> equitable development of infrastructure in the nation that provides
> opportunities to engage in free enterprise. If you don't care for the
> development of areas that have been ignored and left to degenerate, if you
> don't care to lift people who are forgotten, then the about modern society
> and progress is futile.

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