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Actually, the liberal elites ruling India have gotten head over heels over
issues and lost the fundamental perspective. 

Autonomy as per Kings accession Theory: What you are talking about includes
Indian Kashmir , POK and China held Kashmir to be consistent with Kings
accession , to India. He acceded all this not just Indian Kashmir. By this
option Kashmir(IOK+POK+COK) gets "autonomy" and remains under India .
Autonomy means autonomy for Kashmir that is (POK+IOK+COK) 

On your "Ground realities" theory: With IB=LOC , India has no obligations
to provide autonomy of any kind , and it should not. As Indian Kashmir is
India's land , Same as Pak claim to POK - land captured in war. COK as
Kashmir given/sold to china by Pak. To do as they see fit . Kashmir as a
state (POK+IOK+COK) that has not been a state in 50 years is finally and
formaly setteled. So looking at it any way India Keeps what it has,
Pakistan Keeps what it has , China Keeps its part of Kashmir and all live
with this . 

Third The Muslim Majority State Theory: Has no validity for a secular India
, which has as many Muslims as in Pakistan. So is to be rejected
automatically. So looking at it any way India Keeps what it has, Pakistan
Keeps what it has , China Keeps its part of Kashmir and all live with this . 

Indian Kashmir as a secular democratic regular Indian state or a non-state
in India with a balanced population base is the answer. Many Non-Muslims
and Liberal Muslims have been killed and forced to move out by Pakistani
Jihad terrorists to bring about the current set of population in the
Kashmir Valley, (Ethnically cleansed) .Complete consent of these remaining
people is not applicable. Kashmir was at peace till last 10years .
Pakistani terrorists (from POK and other places) involvement and bad Indian
policies (like Article 370)is the cause of problems today. Removal of which
is the best and only solution. 

So long as Muslim Kashmiris believe that Paki terrorists are leading them
to Nirvana, no gesture from India is going to help. Only when Muslim
Kashmiris have no powerful backing will they sit down and talk with India.
In this regard, let me give you an analogy. Many American blacks,
especially inner city blacks, Nation of Islam etc feel as alienated as
Kashmiris are from US govt. But they have no choice but to fight out their
grievance within the constitution of US. They have no powerful patron and
even if say some mid-east Islamic country were to try, US will pound that
country militarily and diplomatically. Do you remember how much flak Libya,
Iran etc got when Louis Farakkhan visited those countries? 

As population of POK has been contaminated by settlement of Pakistani
Pathans, Punjabis, etc. lifting of article can allow the same for India to
do. Once this is achieved Pakistanis will clamp up just as they did in late
40's and your/theirs endless whinning will come to an end. 

Having done some degree of ethnic clensing by killing of Hindu Pundit and
Shia families and making many more of them homeless refugees, it is futile
to talk about plebesite. 

There are 140 million muslims in India and they are not picking up AK-47's
and joining the Mujahideen. Again, if you intended to say 'militant
hinduism' is a threat, then maybe the world might cock their ears up. But
then, if they, especially the western world bother to consider it for a
moment they'll also realize that the world has never sufferred from
militant hinduism... there has not been 'Hindu' inquisition yet... there
has not been any massive looting, murdering and persecution of non-hindus
by hindus yet. There has never been 'Hindu' proseletesying yet. Hordes of
Hindu marauders have never roamed the Earth. Hindu terrorists have not
bombed planes out of the sky, Hindu terrorsists have never bombed olympic
games, Hindu terrorists have neve bombed cities or school buses. And if
this 'document' comes from Pakistan, this'll be all the more hilarious. 

It may well be noted that Sheikh Abdullah had negotiated this pre-1953
status with the Constituent Assembly of India, keeping in view ground
realities of a plebiscite in mind of the whole J&K ( including POK ). 

Now, with Kashmir effectively partitioned, the state of J&K should be
rapidly integrated in the Indian economy. Once the trade barriers are
opened, the Kashmiris themselves would come forward and ask for the
abrogation of the Article 370, since otherwise a lot of the infrastructure
building and expertise requirements would go unfulfilled. Only politicians
, in their starry eyed dreams of enhanced prestige and power, would seek
more autonomy. The people of Kashmir would rather have more jobs and more

Keep Albright out
When is the exact date the Madline Albright will signal Mushraf to start an
adventure so that she can find Kashmir as a new intern for Bubba Clinton ,
Clinton Legecy & like her Father Joseph Korbel had envisaged... 

Self-determination is fast becoming the most abused concept of our times.
When Woodrow Wilson coined the word, it was to verbalize his compassion and
concern for fellow human beings. But the political arm of terrorists,like
those in Kashmir, use the word in a way that is a travesty of the lofty
principles that had animated President Wilson and is a cruel mockery of
human rights. No one can possibly be left in doubt about this once he
witnesses the plight of the quarter million Kashmiri Hindus who have had to
flee their ancestral home in the face of fanatical terrorists from abroad
seeking self-determination for the Muslims in Kashmir. The political
representatives of the terrorists in Kashmir weave the word
"self-determination" into their righteous chants in a clever public
relations effort to glean support for their goal of turning Jammu and
Kashmir in the mold of ethnically cleansed Pakistan. The world needs to be
informed that self-determination of "their" people is ruthles!
sly violating the human rights of others. Self-determination is indeed a
basic human right. But it loses its sanctity when self-determination of a
group implies marching orders for the rest. Ofcourse, people don't leave
their homes voluntarily. They have to be persuaded. That means killing them
untill everybody gets the idea. The massive ethnic cleansing of 1947 in
Jinnah's Pakistan is an example of self-determaination of this evil
variety. Pakistan lived upto its name by becoming a "cleansed land" within
weeks of independence. And now Kashmir is taking a leaf out of Jinnah's
book. Self-righteous chanters of "self-determination" with direct Pakistani
assistance seem well on their way to stamping out religious diversity from
Jammu and Kashmir. Will we never learn the cruel lessons of history? The
previous UN Secretary General Boutros-Ghali put it about as bluntly as
could be: "If every ethnic, religious or linguistic group claimed
statehood, there would be no limit to fragmenta!
tion. Peace, security and economic well-being for all would become even
more difficult to achieve." Self-determination for a group must never
sanctify the violation of human rights of another. Automatic
self-determination, for whosoever shouts the loudest, is a sure recipe for
tragedies like Kashmir. It is the greatest of evils to allow one person's
self-determination to degenerate into his neighbour's extinction. Kashmir
desperately calls out for respite from fanatical terrorists from abroad who
have turned the land into a living hell. Abraham Lincoln courageously faced
down those that chanted "secession" to perpetuate the evil of slavery. We,
too, must  confront those that chant "self-determination" in heedless
pursuit of Jinnah's evil ideology of religious apartheid. 



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