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Re: Umesh on Education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I very much agree with Umesh on this issue.  
    We can't follow the American way in all walks of life, since India is 
very different from U.S. and has different demographics and different 
problems to do deal with.  Hence it should try to come up plans that are 
creative, that are fiscally smart, and yields the most productivity.
>As the
American Constitution says ...right to the _pursuit_ of happiness ...not
happiness itself or happiness guaranteed by any government."

Well actually the American constitution makes no such claims.  THe U.S. 
Declaration of Independence has the clause of "right to pursuit of happiness" 
but not the constitution and there are no clauses that talks about limited 

But other than that, I pretty much agree with you! :)  
    I don't necessarily think a "big govt." is always a bad thing.  A 
society, and a govt. formed by that society has an obligation to help its 
poor and its needy.  If you want to classify that as "big govt. " then go 
ahead.  But that is a good govt. as well.  But we also need to keep in my 
that govt. leads to corruption and that is why things that can be privatised 
should be privatised while others should be run by the govt.

We can't allow everyone to have their own armies, and say if you can't afford 
it too bad! you will not be protected!  Similarly we need to provide everyone 
with education, regardless of their economic status.  It is a right that 
should be granted to all people.
And educated constituents form better govt.  Hence its imperative, for a 
democracy as big as our to sustain, and stay democratic, we ought have an 
educated constituency.

- Naveen

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