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Re: Umesh on Education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
"Tiwari, Umesh K" wrote:

>  But when this
>survey doesn't represent even 1% of the people I grew up with, then > it is 
>going to be impossible for me to accept the conclusions thereof. Instead, I 
>am willing to sit in the sidelines and watch people make proposals while I 
>wait for some surveys/studies that come any closer to my experience,

Well, you know the sampling techniques used in such large surveys.   Even 
the US Census is now going to be done by sampling instead of trying to count 
every individual.  So, at least in theory, the argument that since no 
surveyer has gone to particular areas, the results must be unrepresentative 
of the population is not valid.

Companies spend millions on ad on the basis of A C Nielsen ratings of TV 
programs which are done with a rather small sample (even in the US).  If any 
one could generate more accurate ratings, they would be making the mullahs.

>and I
>am not alone in waiting, cuz, afterall, my hometown, my >district,and 
>almost the whole world I spent my childhood in, is >still waiting for the 
>fruits of freedom to reach them even after >fifty years of so called 

I find it curious that you seem to equate "free things" or "government
provision" with the "fruits of freedom."  Who has ever fought for freedom 
because they want a big government giving them desired goodies?  Freedom is 
freedom to act not to some specific goods or results.  As the American 
Constitution says  ...right to the _pursuit_ of happiness ...not happiness 
itself or happiness guaranteed by any government.

>Thank You.
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