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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Got this from a friend on IPI. I'm witholding his name. I'd like to
request ALL those associated with govt. on this list to inform the
concerned authorities about this. Friend in the Plg. commission pl.
inform Mr. Pant and Mr. Shourie. Friends in the Academy pl. inform CS,
UP. I'll provide details of the complainant  separately if I get info
that govt. will set a trap in this case or otherwise inquire into this

"at Allahabad I am awaiting sanction of the map [for constructing a
house] since 20 Jul 1998. I am told by more than 40 people that sanction
will not come till I pay some graft. (Incidentally the Vice-Chairman of
ADA is one Mr. Chanchal Kumar Tiwari, IAS)."

I'm endorsing a copy of this to CVC.

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