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Share your dreams and vision for India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I urge you all to go to the following site and submit your views.

Share your dreams and vision for India
Fifty years on, rediff.com's Republic Message
Board invites you to express your opinion as India
takes to the road ahead.

This is what i submitted rather hastily, I hope to send more comments as 
ideas take shape in my head.

"India is just beginning to take off on the economic front. Hopefully this 
will help in overcoming our other most serious problems such as corruption, 
education and over population. In my view the most important reform needed 
is to go for the Presidential form of Government. Once elected, the 
President (or PM) should remain secure in his position for 5 years unless 
impeached by two third of the Parliament. He should nominate his cabinet as 
he pleases but subject to Lower House approval (simple majority should 
suffice for this). All election costs should be borne by the State, with no 
private funding being allowed. (This need not apply to parliamentary 
elections where private funding to a certain limit may be permitted). I 
believe this simple step will go a long way in eradicating the corruption 
which is at the root of our remaining backward when the world is rapidly 
moving ahead.

Other important steps needed are curtailment of bureaucracy and their powers,
education especially of women (Education upto High School should be 
compulsury and free for all, Schools must be allowed to decide the 
curricullam in consultation with the parents; Teachers must be very well 
paid and carefully selected, however at least one hour class per week at 
all levels must be devoted to inculcating moral values; people with 
slightest of criminal record must not be allowed to stand for election at 
any level until their name is totally cleared, one third of seats at all 
levels must be reserved for women, Minimum qualification for MPs and MLAs 
must be discussed and agreed upon (I would be happy with minimum High 
School pass), IT education should also be compulsory at all levels upto 
high school. After high school, only the brightest should be admitted to 
colleges and universities, appropriate vocational training for others, 
complete transparency in Government;   Minimum Government, No subsidies for 
any industry including agriculture, Tax reform (simple taxation Hong Kong 
style), Free cotraceptives for all with stress on family planning but no 
artificial population control. I sincerely believe we have the capicity to 
implement such reforms and that they will go a long way in ensuring India 
aceiving Its rightful place on the World Forum.

As for foreign policy, we should continue with the present trend of 
aligning ourselves with the free and working democracies and close 
cooperation with China. India and USA must combine to overcome the 
potential threat from China and Islamic States. As for Kashmir, lasting 
solution will only come with dialogue with the Kashmiri people themselves, 
and with Pakistan. In the interim we must do every thing to win over the 
hearts of the Kashmiris. That State needs huge investment to bring about 
universal employment.

I could go on and on, but let it suffice for now.

I salute you for starting this column and I do hope there will be a huge 
response. "
Suresh Anand
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