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Re: Admn. + IT

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>b) 	I am finalizing a note on IT policy for Meghalaya. All those with
>experience/ ideas can please write on the issue of IT in government and IT
>outside government. Thanks. How does one persuade political leaders to
>promote IT? How does one attract investment in this remote NE state?

I know that this might not come under your area and it may be little bit out 
of topic. I am pointing about the use '.in' top level domain name in India 
(If I am not wrong its registered with NCST). I am still not able to 
understand that why can't they start there own registration process (and 
market) so Indian businesse/Organizations who really don't need a global 
.com/.org can be satisfied with .co.in/.or.in (or something like this). By 
doing this we'll be realy designing our own Internet infrastructure. Today 
if you have to access any website from India hosted in India, the address of 
the machine on which website is hosted most probably come from the US 
(Instead NCST should be the Name server). By doing this NCST'd be generating 
some money too.

I feel like crying when I see website of parliament/ministries ending with 
nic.in. I really don't understand what happens to those bright people as 
soon as they become policy makers.

Moreover this doesn't even require any innovation, you can simply copy the 
format being used by Japan/England

.co.in (corporations/business)
.ac.in (acedemic institution), etc.

We should correct this mess while we can, otherwise we'll end up with mess 
like we have created around us by the name of telephone numbering system.


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