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Is this what politics has stooped to...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
A cruel incident which sadly has been carried out by
'Political Parties' trying to set their own rule to
life and living...

 'God! I couldn't even see her face one last time'
                     She sat on the floor, staring vacantly, her
                     dishevelled hair obstructing the tear-stained
                     A man came over with documents for her to sign. She
                     mechanically put pen to paper. The moment she came to
                     know that the signatures were for Rs 200,000 as
                     compensation from the government, her eyes welled with
                     "Rs 200,000 for my daughter! God! I couldn't even see
                     her face one last time. Did I give birth to her for
  this?"             she sobbed.

                     Kasi Ammal teaches at a corporation school in Madras.
                     Comprising husband Kesava Chandran, four daughters
                     and a son, hers was a happy family. Till Wednesday.
                     Her daughters were all good at studies. The eldest, Uma
                     Maheswari, is a research student in microbiology in
                     Madras University. The second, Thripura Sundari, is
                     doing her post-graduation. And Hemalatha was a
                     graduate student in the Tamil Nadu Agricultural
                     Like her eldest sister, she too wanted to research and
                     become an agricultural scientist. But Hemalatha's
                     ambitions were burnt to ashes on February 2 by a group
                     of hooligans. Everything was over in minutes.
                     War cries filled the air outside the courtroom when
                     Special Court Judge-2 V Radhakrishnan read the
                     verdict on the Pleasant Stay Hotel case.
                     Former Tamil Nadu chief minister and All-India Anna
                     Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam chief J Jayalalitha was
                     sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for a year and a
      fine                of Rs 1,000. So were four others, including a former
                     minister in her cabinet, T Selvaganapathy, now a
                     member of Parliament.
                     The AIADMK's response was violent. They blocked
                     traffic at many places, stopped government buses, not
                     only within Madras, but in other parts of Tamil Nadu
                     In Dharmapuri, it went a step ahead. A group, allegedly
                     of the AIADMK, stopped a bus carrying 70 students of
                     the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, and set fire to
                     The students were returning to Coimbatore after a study
                     tour. They were forced out of the bus through the front
                     door; the back door was locked. But before Hemalatha,
                     Gayathri and Kokila could get out, one of the mob
                     locked the front door from the outside.
                     Even as other students and teachers cried out that
      there                     were people inside, a miscreant threw a
petrol bomb.
                     The whole bus burst into flames. And three young girls
                     were charred to death. 
                     "We couldn't even see her face," Kesava Chandran, her
                     father, choked.
                     It was he who had left Hemalatha in the hostel three
                     months ago. She was planning to return this week. But
                     instead, her charred body came back.
                     "What did my daughter do? Why do they have to punish
                     innocent people?" Chandran asked. "She [Jayalalitha]
                     was not even arrested or taken to jail. If this is the
                     her men behave on hearing a court verdict, I don't know
                     what will happen later."
                     Chandran, an Indian Bank employee, came out from
                     work in the evening to find no vehicles on the road. He
                     was surprised. He had heard about the court verdict and
                     the violent reactions, but little did he know that a
                     had turned its fury on his daughter.
                     By night, he got a message from Dharmapuri that the
                     college bus had met with an accident and his daughter
                     was in the hospital.
                     "I am not a member or supporter of any political party,
                     but I work for the welfare of my community, the
                     scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. I have heard of
                     miscreants setting fire to transport buses. But till
                     they did it only after emptying the bus. Here, even
                     they knew that some girls were inside, they did it!"
                     Chandran still can't believe it.
                     "As it was the university bus, they looked at it as the
                     government's. I do not know which party people did
                     this. Whoever it is, we are the sufferers, are we not?
                     We lost our daughter. It was very, very cruel. That's
                     I can say." 
                     He continued: "My daughter wanted to be an
                     agricultural scientist and do research. So the country
                     has also lost a young scientist. Three young lives are
                     gone. They will not come back. What did they gain out
                     of this? My heart breaks whenever the image of her
                     smiling face appears in front of me. We could not even
                     see her face..."
                     While returning home with his daughter's body,
                     Chandran saw thousands of students on the streets,
                     protesting. "They did not belong to either the AIADMK
                     or DMK. They were merely angry students. The
                     political scene has become so dirty that I feel we need
                     change. All these people and parties should go and a
                     new set of leaders should come up. Only then will our
                     youngsters have a better future.
                     "If those in power do not stop such heinous acts, these
                     parties will disappear. If political parties are going
                     behave like this, students will rise and rise from the
                     ashes of these girls," he said.
                     Hemalatha's uncle, who had been listening to the
                     conversation, added: "The boy who tried to help Hema
                     and the other girls told me that the hooligans refused
                     listen to their pleas. If they had not locked the door,
                     girls would have escaped.
                     "She [Jayalalitha] says they are not AIADMK men. But
                     tell me who went berserk that day after hearing the
                     verdict? Her party workers. So it is anybody's guess
                     who they were... Whoever they are, the loss is ours."
                     By then it was time for Chandran to go to the
                     crematorium. To collect his daughter's ashes. As he got
                     up, tears rolled down.
                     The flow of well-wishers had not subsided when he
                     returned. The house was still crowded with people:
                     students from nearby colleges, friends of Hemalatha and
                     her sisters, students from Kasi Ammal's school,
                     Chandran's colleagues and the entire neighbourhood.
                     Meanwhile, the political scene in Tamil Nadu has taken
                     a turn for the worse. The AIADMK and DMK accuse
                     each other of trying to gain political mileage from the
                     incident. You could see posters condemning
    Hemalatha's killers on the walls, obviously pasted by
                     the AIADMK's detractors.
                     "What do they think? That they will be able to get away
                     with this? No, the students will not let them," some in
                     the emotionally charged crowd fumed.
                     "A change is going to take place. Please write in
                     about this gruesome incident.
 Let the whole world know                     how our political parties
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