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thanks to Rajesh

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Rajesh Urkude <agriinfo@pn2.vsnl.net.in> sent me this, along with a 17 page
article. Thanks v. much indeed. SS

Dear Dr. Sanjeev
It was nice to read that somebody is designing the making the Manifesto
on Agri related exports. For the last 6 months the APEDA figures show
that the exports is -ve. You can ge lots of inputs from them.
Maybe it some of the issues has to be taken seriously.
If possible ask the our high commissions abroad for market intelligence,
which can include
The countries presently exporting to these markets?
Thier peak seasons?
Lean seasons in Singapore/ HK/ Thailand/ Malaysia when the prices are
The taste of these people?
Type of packaging followed?
The qurantine measures/ restictions
May be detailed study has to be done in this regard, to make this
venture a success.
You can verywel get to know the efforts taken by Maharashtra State Grape
Growers Association or even through Director Horticulture AP (mango
consignments to europe market), South India Floriculture Association for
floriculture exports to Europe and south east asian markets.
APEDA also can throw some light on these issues.
Just one of the recent market research done by Australian Horticulture
Board should be eye opener in this regard.
They have realised that never in four southern states of India the
prices of apples from HP have come down below Rs. 30/- per kg. and
specially during the off season the prices are even higher. They are
planning to export container load of apples and may be other fruits in
these markets in near future by sea route. Also this summer many
imported fruits like apples (US of A), kiwi (NZ), pssion fruits were
seen in Mumbai and Pune markets.
The SIFA experiance can be of immense help to you in deciding the air
fright rates and tie up with may be one of them. A similar type of
service is also provided from Pune aeclusively for Gulf market.
I have attached the file with the article from our recently published
book Agri India Green Pages 1999-2001".
Let me also remind you that ours is a small firm Agri Information
Services Pvt. Ltd. with a the motto of "Local solution to farmers
problem through global networking".
Hope the information would be of some help to you.

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