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Madhu Kishwar's Res. bill

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
The final version is now up at   

http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/notes.html (word versions)

Her forwarding letter is also there. It reads:

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Ever since the existing bill was first introduced and made known to the
public, some of us have been pointing to its serious flaws and appealing
that it be improved, if women are to actually benefit from reservations.
Unfortunately, even well-meaning suggestions for improvement have not been
heeded by the government before they tabled the bill in parliament during
the last session. The present bill will not only harm women's position in
politics but is also capable of destroying our already fragile democracy.
Therefore, some of us have taken the initiative to draft an alternate, more
workable Women's Reservation Bill. This requires amending the
Representation of People's Act, a much simpler proposition. The existing
sarkari bill requires amending the constitution, a far more complex and
long drawn out process which can actually result in scuttling the present
bill for a longer period.

We are attaching our critique of the existing bill as also the alternative
bill we have drafted. Also enclosed is a statement that you might want to
endorse and return to us, either by email or by post, as soon as possible
at one of the three given addresses. We would like our alternative bill
debated along with the existing one in the forthcoming session of parliament.

If you find this proposal worthwhile, please introduce it to others who
might also be interested in endorsing this effort.

Looking forward to an early response.

Jay Prakash Narayan,	Dhirubhai Sheth,
Lok Satta, Hyderbad	Lokayan, Delhi

Yogendra Yadav,	Madhu Kishwar,
CSDS, Delhi	Manushi, Delhi

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