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SPG on overtime

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Dear All
On 25 Jan 2000, there was a news item on TV. SPG protecting some former 
PM had to open fire to keep a group of student away from the endangered 
specie. It resulted in death of one. On the next day the FPM could be 
seen in an exclusive interview to STAR TV telling that the SPG had 
observed a lot of restraint (meaning perhaps that otherwise more 
students would have been killed)

The news was relegated to 2nd pages in the papers and did not dwell on 
exact reconstruction of the event. Can anyone on IPI give more 
information? The event has gone by without attracting serious attention 
that it deserves. Do you think that a group of students would have posed 
threat to life? What about the fundamental rights of the deceased? On an 
entirely different account; should taxpayers money be spent on an 
individual who owes lacs of rupees to the same exchequer?( on account of 
travelling in IAF aircraft)

                                                         Raju Bharatiya

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