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Re: Zero-Tolerance Zone

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Forgive my ignorance...how exactly can many of the specific reccomendations
(against bureaucratic corruption) of the CVC become law? Does anyone know?
Do we call up our MP and get her or him to get crackin on it..whch leads to
the bill being introduced? Is there already a CVC bill that can be refered
Does anyone know if it is currently being taken up by the govt if so, in
what stage is it? If it is in a state of advanced languish can people do
anything about it?

Some of the specific recommendations I am refering to are on the prvention
side of the problem:
1-  Computerisation of banks
2 - Scrapping of Bureau of Industrial   and  Financial Reconstruction (BIFR)
and SICA
3 -  There should be no post-tender negotiations except with lowest
4 -  In every office there     should be  a board saying, "Don't bribe.  If
anybody asks for [a] bribe, you can complain to the      CVO, CVC etc."

i gleaned all this off the *must read* speech by Mr Vittal at


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