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Zero-Tolerance Zone

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Mr. Vittal's ZTZ: from 

All the right ideas, except a few: enhance the salaries of MPs/ MLAs
drastically and remove election expense limits + fully transparent
accounts. Will write to Mr.Vittal soon.

Also, would ALL IAS officers on this list be willing to put up their annual
property return (submitted to government annually) on the IPI web site for
the public? If at least 3 officers agree, I will put up my return on IPI's
web page along with them, to mark a beginning in self-disclosure. 

Another thing: it is important to empower people with 'secret' eyes and
ears to tap into conversations and scenes of corruption, which usually
leaves no written trace. Would anyone guide us to the web sites which offer
list of such equipment?

 Zero-Tolerance Zone 

Corruption perception index of all government departments and banks 
Demand and supply sides of corruption be treated equally 
Annual property returns of MPs and ministers 
Mobilise youth to fight corruption 
CVC Bill must be made into law 
Lay traps and ensure speedy disciplinary action through department action 
Encourage juniors to squeal on shady seniors and pass "Whistle-blower Act" 
Freedom of Information Act to empower public 
E-governance and IT to check corruption 
Remove obsolete laws through sunset principles 
Remove laws that promote corruption 
Enact Corrupt Public Servants Act 
Implement the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 

see: http://www.indiapolicy.org/clearinghouse/anti-corruption.html

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