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Garbage Handling Methods

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Could any one find time to visit the web site http://aesthetix.iwarp.com !
There are somany policy matters and infact matters that are big which need
resolution on priority we discuss.
But it is seen where funds  are available and spent for development , and
are spent in such a way that in comparison
with west one might feel it would've been easy have a better life in our
society following some basic principles with, out calling for
extra investments . Aim is not just an urban face lift, but that is a result
viewed through the web site .

And what it actually gives is a clean society , good public health
standards, higher road safety,
faster bridge construction etc.The above web site does not dwell in pure
policy matters .
It is referred in ipi because we are living a material life , which also
needs some attention from thinkers for possible remedies .

And ofcourse how garbage  is to be handled is indeed a major topic !.
Why should we not do garbage handling as is done in developed society for an
efficient and clean system !.
It doesnot need major Govt Investments except a little bit of canvassing in
line with Family Planning programs !
One is requested to read through entire text on waste handling, (
http://aesthetix.iwarp.com/civic.htm)  in the site

Can any one in decision making hierarchy persuade ' atleast one
municipality'  to implement this and show every body
as a successful pilot project ! Do we need more 'Surath' events of epidemics
to learn about civic life !

What is standard of living for any one if it doesnot start with Garbage
handling in a better way !
What is standard of living for even an affluent person who leaves garbage in
open dump , unenclosed ! .
Why can't there be laws against spitting in public, littering in public,
leaving grbage in open,
 unenclosed at least in urban areas ! How mediocre it is to spray white
powder along roads when Ministers
visit a place, mimicing some thing ! Clean up roads in panic when a foreign
dignitary visits .

Good Garbage handling, then no need to do all that !

Can a muncipality or muncipalities under control of sincere Officers not
take initiative for this practice !


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