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Defining Government

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Hi Folks,

During my engineering college days I heard a friend say"In democracy you =
get the goverment you deserve.Alternately you deserve the government you =
got." I came to learn of Josef Heller's phrase much later in the IAF.He =
as most of you must be aware called it a 'catch 22' situation.
So I take it that everyone of us is in some catch or another.That should =
ideally speaking be true for the government(also consisting of the =
people) also.Alas! So far I have not seen any evidence of it being =
so.There is a typical usage in bureaucracy." I am aware of it" That you =
are supposed to interprete as "Don't tell me the problem" You would also =
recall one late PM telling "Hum Jante hai.Out of every rupee that is =
sanctioned only 15 paise reach the needy" And he is termed candid by =
reputed columnists.Prey tell me whose job it to ensure that entire rupee =
reaches the destination if the top man himself has consigned it to fait =

Government against this back drop may be defined as an Authority with no =
responsibility especially any that is not dictated by itself.That it =
frequently abdicates self dictated ones is only further pity.

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