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Celebrating 6 Billion

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Now, this is something I agree with. 

>From: Liberty Institute <liberty@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in>
>Subject: Celebrating 6 Billion 
>Dear friend of Liberty:
>The UN has designated a child born in the Bosnian capital on 12 October
>1999, as the 6 billionth person on earth. 
>In this article, BARUN S. MITRA, argues that when political freedom is
>secured and the market is unrestrained, more people increases demand, and
>therefore also the supply, and at the end there is more available for
>consumption than ever before. People are the ultimate resource, they just
>don't come with a mouth alone, but also a mind and a pair hands. Rather
>than mourning, it is time to party and cut the cake on the arrival of the 6
>billionth person on this planet. Rather than blaming population growth, it
>is also a time to focus on the policies that have deprived basic freedoms
>and forced millions in poverty amidst abundance.
>This article is available at our web site.
>An oped on the same topic titled "6 billion and growing" appeared The
>Economic Times on 12 October 1999. It is available at 
>Links to some other articles in the same vein is given below
>"WELCOME BABY SIX BILLION!" by Steven W. Mosher, President of Population
>Research Institute, in PRI's Weekly Briefing on 12 October 1999 (Volume 1 /
>Number 20)
>"Surging population, urbanization bring new prosperity" by Lawrence
>Solomon, in the National Post/Financial Times, Canada, on 5 October 1999.
>Please share this message with your friends. All are invited to join in the
>Comments and suggestion are welcome.
>If you are receiving this mail inadvertently, please let us know and we
>will remove you from this mailing list.
>Thank you.
>Barun Mitra
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