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--------------------------------------------------------------------- Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it! --------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok <sanjeev@sabhlokcity.com>
To: debate@indiapolicy.org
Subject: Deebham

Found this in my sabhlokcity mailbox. Have not read it yet. Comments, if any?


" Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya " &ndash; lead us from Darkness to Light: Rig Veda

" You are the best, you have been raised for mankind so that you can command what is right and forbid what is evil ": Quran 3: 110

" Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep&rsquo;s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves ": St. Mathew 7: 15


Mahatma Gandhi said that India&rsquo;s problem was Spiritual, Political and Economical. Half a century after Independence the factors remain the same, daunting and depriving a common citizen of a comfortable and respectable existence. Under British rule, corruption was institutionalised because we allowed the &lsquo;divide and rule&rsquo; policy. Inspite of eminent leadership we indulged ourselves in communal blood bath during the honey moon period of independence. Later on, as the good politicians became a dying breed, we allowed the influx of the bad first and the ugly after. So the deterioration of political leadership was rather rapid and rabid.

Today, the quality of people who receive a mandate to govern India, has gone to the lowest level. So much so, we are made to feel that we live in a gutter with filth around us. How can we call ourselves as proud citizens of Bharath, when there is no clean drinking water, no welfare system for our disabled and aged relatives, no basic creature comforts, no educational reforms to fight illiteracy and no affordable health care? The crown of corruption is on top of everybody&rsquo;s head and both the giver and the taker play a game of &lsquo;partners &ndash; in &ndash; crime&rsquo; for symbiosis.

Politicians of all kinds and shapes have come and gone. What have they given to the &lsquo;COMMON INDIAN CITIZEN&rsquo;? - Nothing but misery of life! The benefit has always remained in the opposite camp. Yes, India is a land of Milk and Honey; but not for the common man, only for those who the common man has elected. Leaders, with sweet talk, celluloid glamour and spiritual excitement have always managed to hold the public at ransom. This is an age-old trick. From well known statesmen to local village headmen all have done nothing but fill their pockets by luring the vulnerable masses. This is where the nation&rsquo;s wealth has gone and this is why we always remain in short supply of funds to build our nation.

In most states, to contest for an election it is essential for the candidate to have a criminal record. The bigger the crime the higher your qualification! So, if you elect a thief he / she will rob you. If you elect a criminal you are his / her victim. Why does this happen? It happens because, those who want to see a change have resigned themselves to an immoral and substandard life.

We are a nation with rich heritage, civilised teachings and moral guidance from over 3000 years ago and look what we are undergoing? A dark cloud hanging over our sparkling individuality.

A disrespectful life full of corruption and insecurity. The darkness of continuing immorality and poverty.

Things may look to have improved but that is only a mirage. The reality remains the same for over fifty years. The recession of morals in an Indian is quickening.

Those who said they will achieve it have failed. Hence a fresh look and re-search into our own selves is immediately required. To shy away this darkness and to see ourselves better a LIGHT is required. This is your DEEBHAM. The newly formed DEEBHAM PARTY delivers this to you.

This party has not invented any new ideas and has not come into existence to prescribe unknown remedies. It has a very simple message. It shows a mechanism to implement all known strategies to build a nation into a safe, secure and sound place to live in.

DEEBHAM pledges to make the current struggle for existence a thing of the past and make India a haven for the righteous to live a happy family life with pride.

Deebham gives you a promise that this light will bring enormous pride in you as an Indian Citizen.

Deebham party currently has no funds and no patrons. After a long deliberation a concept has occurred and the egg has been fertilised. Whether this will die before hatching or will hatch and grow into a party of angels &ndash; we don&rsquo;t know! So, Let us make it work and see where it leads us all to.


AIM: To provide an environment for the citizens of India to earn their living in a legitimate way and enjoy this wealth with their families in safe, secure and sound conditions.

* To acknowledge the existence of only three major political parties based upon the percentage of votes polled.
* The losing party will officially form shadow cabinet. All shadow cabinet ministers will enjoy privileges necessary for the post.

* Judiciary system will function as an autonomous body and will remain accountable to the President of India.
* Constitutional reforms will bind the working of the Legal Courts.
* Crimes affecting national security, polluting the environment, drug trafficking, hoarding food and medicines and homicide will receive maximum punishment, including capital punishment.
* Total eradication of corruption is one issue this party will fight for and succeed. Both the &lsquo;giver&rsquo; and the &lsquo;taker&rsquo; will be seen as having committed the crime of the same degree. Punishment will consists of public whipping, freezing bank investments and confiscation of properties and possessions of both offenders by the government.

* Minimum wage levels will be introduced.
* Taxation will be worked out based upon income and number of children.
* Families who confine to one child will stand to reap many benefits including interest free loans, child benefit, low taxation etc.

Families with two children will pay standard tax but will not be

eligible for lucrative benefits.

Families with three children will pay highest tax rate.

Families with four and above children will be dealt by the courts

as criminals.
* Rice and Flour will be heavily subsided.
* Foreign investors will be attracted by offering high returns competing with the off-shore investment companies.
* Social and medical services for old aged pensioners will be introduced.
* Trade and industry will receive priority in energy supply.
* Export will be encouraged with incentives.

* All religious faiths and beliefs will be respected to the highest esteem.
* All religious duties, activities and rituals should be confined to within the campus of worship or residence.
* Religious processions and activities in public places will warrant special sanction.
* Places of worship and religious monuments will be shifted inland if found to be causing obstruction to general public way of access, obstruction to the free flow of traffic and noise pollution. All expenses shall be borne by the government.
* Existing places of worship will receive funding for improving facilities to the devotes and raising health standards.
* Uninterrupted power supply will be provided.

* People of Indian origin living abroad will be offered free visas.
* Investments made by NRIs will get better benefits.
* Trade and export by Indians residing abroad will carry very attractive benefits in tax and customs.

* A policy, which is non-aggressive, self sufficient, non-aligned nuclear power to protect the borders, will be implemented.

* All public carriages will be hired with a government approved metered tariff. Surcharge will be added for evening use and on holidays. Harassment to public will be a punishable offence. Confiscating vehicle and driver&rsquo;s licence will be the minimum action taken.
* Clean and green environment will be provided and maintained. Programmes to bring public awareness towards pollution free living will be seriously implemented. Offenders will receive maximum punishment.
* A Five-day working week will be implemented.
* A clean uninterrupted water supply to all citizens will be available at their own homes at no cost.
* Decentralisation of government offices to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in major cities.

* A modern and dependable health care system will be established. This will offer a comprehensive health care, which will be accessible to all. Government hospitals will be run to international standards.
* More emphasis will be placed on Community Health care.
* Health education programmes for better living standards, sexually transmitted diseases, child abuse and immunisations, will be conducted.

After reading all this you might ask yourself as to what is new in this manifesto and you might even say that you have heard all these promises before. So why should you elect us?

The answer is very simple &ndash; in the past you have given many a chance to cheats, criminals and conspirators and never got anything out of them. Similarly, give DEEBHAM a chance and see how blessed you become.


So what do you think? Will it work? Shall we commence the crusade for the benefit of mankind? Will you support DEEBHAM party? If so, how?

Please reply to: - Deebham@mcmail.com

Head Office:- 73. Velachery Main Road. Guindy. Chennai. 600032

Overseas Office:-10. Dukes Avenue. Northolt. London. UB5 5DA.


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