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Re: pakistan: could this happen in India?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
What has happened in Pakistan kind of shows that Pakistanis don't like
live in a free country, Gen Musharraf's comment "Democracy is safe under

military rule" can only find logic with Pakistanis.

As far as doing of Congress in 1977, they still owe an apology to the
of India, kind of amendments which were made to the constitution and the
they ware made are really ridiculous, for this mistake they should not
returned to power for atleast some time.

Moreover the times were different in 1977, when most of the states in
country were ruled by congress, and Chief Ministers were appointed from
Delhi instead of being elected by the MLA's. Looking now you find a
different picture, administration is somewhat decentralized, imposition
Art. 356 is not same as it used to be before.

Third tier of Govt. is started to take roots in lots of states, though a
needs to be done for this.

Summing all these, I feel Army would never take this kind of action, as
themselves are composed of people who are born and brought up in free
democratic India.

Even if this action is taken, I don't know about other's but I'll always

oppose this action and try to mobilise support to opppose it.

Manish Gupta

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