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RE: pakistan: could this happen in India?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
It seems inconceivable that a military government would ever rule India
our military is too divided by caste and religion and too apolitical by
historical evolution)But if you were to ask can an elected government be

overthrown by an outfit that promises bold and sweeping change ( knight
the shining armor type thing) I would say the Indian public would
support it
as long as the leadership of such an outfit is perceived to have the
authority ( the support of Musharraf is also based largely on his
image as a moderate honest man).

So a Castro type figure or a yelstin type figure can pretty much come to

power as long as they can create a reasonable pan national organisation.
point is however that the Indian electorate have been sending these
for the last few elections anyway by shifting their favours from one
to another every few months.

The system can only take so much abuse after a while it will breakdown.
is historical fact. The will of the people will manifest itself in some
or another sometimes benign some time not so benign.



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