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Re: Walk the talk for a change...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Just joining in from a NIC account. Internet is way off since Shillong
has a major waiting list. There are 300 subscribers, and 12 ports. 40
are on the waiting list!

Regarding Kanwal, he has given $10,000 to Centre for Civil Society
to Parth Shah) recently for conducting seminars on Liberty and Society.
was in Hyderabad in August. It is true that he had committed personally
$50K in my presence to CCS in Palo Alto in April, and his effort to
many millions of dollars from Indians was documented in Business Week
whatever it is called), and now this Silicon India piece, I hear about.

Let me assure you: One Kanwal cannot do much, alone. The other Indians
are happily settled abroad have to contribute at least a mite to

But thanks, Bhuwan, for your comments. I have not been able to access


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