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Walk the talk for a change...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

After a long silence I am taking a chance to speak a few words. Sorry
have much time to engage in lengthy debate at this point. I read a few
things today that make me write this piece, perhaps 100th of its kind. I

read Kanwal Rekhi of TiE fame in SiliconIndia magazine lecturing the
community as to what the wealthy and successful should do for India,
the IPI knows fully well how the same Kanwal Rekhi failed to show any
serious commitment when challenged to support a cause and asked do
positive by IPI.

Same way, I was amused by reading Dr. Subroto Roy and others arguments
against Dr. Sanjeev Sablok's observations of the face of India he saw
having lived in the United States for a few years. I don't understand
our folks get so scared and get defensive when someone dares to show
them a
mirror. Why do you start questioning somebody's integrity and even
patriotism when you are told what is seriously wrong with India!

I may not agree 100% with all of Dr. Sablok's observations, but I agree
his feelings and his sense of despair because that's what I observe too.
cities like Delhi and Calcutta are polluted beyond belief, yes there is
enormous corruption everywhere you see in India, there is little sense
public hygiene, and none of that is going to go away by being defensive
debating "on behalf of India". No sir, if you don't feel the seriousness
the problem then maybe you ought to visit some cleaner places, and
California where Sanjeev lived won't be a bad choice. At least you will
to see and experience rather then just have some theoretical idea about
it's like living in cleaner environment or less corrupt society.

Well, I know I am going to attract lot of criticism for having said what
see is write. But unlike in the past, I don't have the time or patience
convince the last man in India of what I think is right. You don't have
like what I said, and that's okay with me. No great speech influences me
way it used to, for, I have seen too many talkers who just love to talk
like to get noticed for the same. No, it doesn't matter whether it is
Rekhi or anybody defending India in IPI. Well, you may argue by the same

token that it doesn't really matter what I say, but when you follow
along to
the next line, you might change your opinion:

We talked empty for quite long folks, let's try to walk the talk for a
change. Let us save our energies that we spend talking and spend a
bit of that doing what we say ought to be done. Just a little bit from
of us can move mountains!

Next time when you talk, only talk after you have done a few deeds on
own towards fixing some of the problems that you say India has.

Thank You.


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