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Re: The greed continues....

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P.Goswami@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> Incidentally, while I agree with Vamsi's central theme I
> have yet to hear his suggestions about how to control
> this government? As competition, the mighty leveler, is
> not available what other means does he have to discipline
> this institution? Dilution of power to the states may not
> a permanent solution as federalism always lurks behind
> and slowly reclaims the lost territory. This is currently
> happening in America where most of the state laws are now
> pre-empted by the federal laws.  Who will then institute
> political Darwinism?

    You bring up a more intelligent challenge than those who refuse to see
that the Government is an institution and that it will abuse its powers like
any other institution which is left unchecked.

    To answer your question: I equate the dilution/distribution of power of a
Government to that of competition between corporations in a
capitalist/free-market system!

    The gradual monopolization of power that you mention above is a result of
inadequate checks and balances - the Government will monopolize itself and
everything within its reach.  This is similar to an "unstable" feedback system
- studied in the fields of Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Vamsi M.

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