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Re: The greed continues....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Perhaps I did not make my point clear. I do not agree
with Tejus that the concept of running a nation as a
business is inherently problematic or undesirable. I
however do agree with him that the problem, are the
bhanias. But we cannot blame the approach for that.
Government in itself is an inert entity; it is the
character of the administration running it influences its
behavior.  Running a business for profit and excelling in
a competitive environment require certain natural
qualities including efficiency in resource allocation,
prioritization,ruthlessness and above all certain ethical
leadership and vision. These attributes transcend legal
entity differences and can do wonders if an
administration is willing and/or able to employ them. The
difference, as I perceive between the two entities, is in
the definition of profit motives.  In case of a
government/corporation, the corporate profit motives are
replaced by an willingness to achieve common good and
prosperity for its citizens /customers and the ability to
deliver is supervised and reviewed by an active voting
process. Involving the people in the appraisal process
and providing a choice should they experience
inadequacies are the key factors. Once that happens
people/market will discipline the rogues with little
difficulty. Today, in India, there are no such choices
for the people, which are reflected in the profound
apathy and disengagement with the electoralprocess. If
the politically conscious patriots/managers among us
dedicate themselves to this empowerment of people
providing clear and identifiable choices we will
leapfrog into brilliance.  This is where the relevance of
Jefferson occurs who believed that the people by and in
itself is inactive and it needs to be led by leaders who
can see around the corner. I do not think this concept
is Orwellian and by this he certainly did not mean to
define people as freight cars behind an intelligent
engine. If I remember correctly, the past Chief Justice
Hedayetulla once remarked that people of India today are
even willing to sacrifice certain civil liberties in
order to bring sense and stability to their lives.

Back to Jefferson, nothing could be farther from truth to
say that he would have run the nation in an imperious
manner. He did not as a President. Washington refused to
be the king and the whole declaration document is replete
with words of responsibility and accountability towards
the American people. They fled from tyranny and
transparency and checks and balances were all over the

Incidentally, while I agree with Vamsi's central theme I
have yet to hear his suggestions about how to control
this government? As competition, the mighty leveler, is
not available what other means does he have to discipline
this institution? Dilution of power to the states may not
a permanent solution as federalism always lurks behind
and slowly reclaims the lost territory. This is currently
happening in America where most of the state laws are now
pre-empted by the federal laws.  Who will then institute
political Darwinism?




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