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Re: telecom debacle - reply Vijay

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
vijay rao wrote:

> On the other hand, there is a despirate need for telecom. DOT, without a
> question of doubt, has been misusing, is misusing and will continue to
> misuse their advantage for small shortsighted gains.

    My point is this: the only way to check institutional power/abuses is
through competition.  Simply acknowledging that DoT will continue its abuses
is no solace to the millions who are deprived of Telecom services!!

    We in India, pay homage to abusive institutions by not "attacking" them
directly for their filth.  In order to "attack" them we need to encourage
competition among them.  They should be begging for our confidence and money
rather than us having to beg for their services!!  You dig?

    This argument also highlights how differently we think about Individual
rights vs. Institutional power (or even how to such a power) - a topic that I
will keep coming back to, again and again!!  This crucial distinction has been
lost in 1947 and we never considered it afterwards.  In my paradigm,
Individuals must enjoy the greatest freedom and institutions must merely play
the role of "facilitators" and shouldn't wield any real power.  If you can
understand the essence of this statement then we certainly have more respect
for people (individuals) than organizations.  This will set the stage for
developing India into a country "FOR THE PEOPLE" rather than "for the
self-serving organizations"!!  You dig?

    In your message, you saw the DoT as an evil entity but you didn't deduce
that this evil is a result of our passive negligence for institutional power.
There is a way to check this kind of abuse by such institutions and that
mechanism is known as "competition"!  You dig?

Vamsi M.

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