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Re Pritish Nandy: Question for Mr Dasgupta

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Dear Mr.  Dasgupta,

Do we know where if anywhere the piece by Pritish Nandy was published
which you
have thought so highly of?  Mr Kurien's note said Nandy was with TOI,
but not
that the article was published there.  I seem to recall Nandy being a
Shiv Sena
Rajya Sabha MP, and of course the Shiv Sena has been and remains not
anti-Pakistani but anti-Muslim.  We have in India more Muslims than in
the whole
of Pakistan, and India's Muslims are unitedly with the Vajpayee
Government in
this action.

Would you like to amplify on what you mean by "short-sighted and effete
intellectuals"?  Were you making a generalization or addressing
specific?  As you and I have been discussing the matter just prior to
should I take it to be a veiled criticism, perhaps based on ignorance,
of the
views I expressed?

As an incidental point, may I request all Indian American friends of
India at
IPI to please see how wonderfully someone like Mr.Ram Narayan has been
enlisting the support of your adopted country on our behalf.


Subroto Roy.

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