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Re: Bhuwan:knowing what we say

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___

<Also, please do not make it sound as if the Indians who studied in
India on taxpayer subsidized  educational institutions and then went
away and settled abroad have somehow done something wrong and have to be

The fact remains that these people are where they are not only because
they got a conducive climate to prove their skills but because directly
or indirectly they have benefited from subsidized education. No you
don't have to feel guilty but does India deserve a condescending "I'm
giving my bit to the beggar bowl" attitude reflected in your phase...
<please remember, that it is these NRIs that we turn to every time we
get into trouble and expect them, as the sons of the country to keep
bailing us out.>

Let me repeat my stand again. No body, I repeat nobody, is saying we are

doing every thing right. We accept criticism and welcome a chance to
learn from mistakes being committed by our friends in foreign lands. But

you must appreciate that the advice you spout with all good intention,
passion and impatience need not be totally right either. An example is
the advice given by qualified economists in the WB on how to run the
economy in the third world. More often than not these turn out to be
duds because the ground reality in trying to run there highly
theoretical reforms have parameters like humanity not built in. There is

a broader picture to be looked at and accommodated. If you speak perhaps

to our social activists in Indian NGOs and talk grandly (like some long
winded posts on this board advocate) of creating conditions for a new
Microsoft to be born, they will probably say that money is needed to
first build an infrastructure in the villages and the priority for them,

may be say, water farming, where Govt. intervention is needed. Why?
because no corporate body would undertake a thankless task like that.
Yes you are right if there are individuals who are prepared to undertake

this on their own,  it will be a better job done, faster, more
efficiently and cheaper. An example of this is the water irrigation
project undertaken by Satya Sai Baba in Andhra Pradesh. He too believes
that Govt. interference is bad but can afford to do away with it. He did

the same in record time, within 100 crores and had only one condition -
No Govt. intervention till it is completed. But then how many such
people do we have? Can we solve the problems of India waiting for such
individuals to come forward?

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