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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___

Adios Everybody

I shall not be moderating anymore as I am indisposed for the next 2
months. I shall not be on the DEBATE list either. Do I hear sighs of
relief :)

I sincerely hope the mailing list thrives and the quality of debates
improves big time.

For all those annoyed with my "Moderatorial Excesses" I was trying to
keep the debates focussed and meaningful. I hope you see it in that

>From my experience of subscribing to e-mail based forums, the novelty
wanes within the first week as the avalanche of mails flood your
mail-box and you dont have time to read digest and respond to every
mail.  The non-real time nature of e-mail delivery all adds to responses
being recieved before the original postings etc. The most successfull of
e-mail based fora are usually the Technical Support fora where people
post questions and get answers to them.

Fora which deliberate and debate and come up with coherent
recommendations need to adapt themselves to the peculiar constraints of
Mailing Lists. It is very easy to loose sight of the big picture and get
entagled in threads of debate leading nowhere.

That is the challenge in making IPI Debate successfull focussed and
meaningful. Keeping the threads focussed, coherent and at the end
productive. That is where I guess the role of the Moderator becomes
important. A Moderator has to be to some extent pro-active.

I hope the future Moderators play that role. I wish them all the luck.

I should be back hopefully after 2 months :)


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