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Pak is going to strike - Red Alert!!

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    Be prepared with can food and underground shelters - Pak is going to
NEW DELHI: Prudence demands that India should be prepared
to face Pakistan's threat of using the nuclear option in the event of
a war, Union home minister L.K. Advani has said.

``Pakistan is capable of taking irrational decisions and India is
vigilant and alert to Islamabad's threat of using the nuclear
option,'' Mr Advani said in an interview to Doordarshan on the
25th anniversary of opposition to Emergency in the country.

There were different centres of power in Pakistan with the
government, ISI and army functioning independently. The fear of
Pakistan using nuclear weapons was one of the reasons for the
international community not supporting Islamabad on the Kargil
situation, he said.

``The mood of the nation today is such and the government
would respond to it and Pakistan would have to pay a very, very
heavy price,'' he said referring to the intrusion in Kargil.

Justifying his calling Pakistan a ``rogue'' state, he said Islamabad
had made trans-border terrorism its policy.

In another interview to a private TV channel, Mr Advani said the
government had not given a clean chit either to the ISI or the
Nawaz Sharif government on the Kargil intrusion.

He denied there were any perceptible differences between the
defence forces and the political executive in handling the Kargil

Justifying the government's decision not to allow the armed forces
to cross the Line of Control, he said: ``If we had not imposed
these constraints we may not have got the kind of universal
support that we have got today.''

Speaking at Bangalore, Mr Advani ruled out the imposition of
emergency in view of the Kargil conflict. ``There is no need to
impose emergency... our armed forces are meeting the challenge
effectively,'' he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said at a BJP
rally in Pune on Saturday that India would take a decision
regarding crossing the LoC ``at an appropriate time''.

``Let the time come, then we will decide,'' he said. ``The issue (of
crossing LoC) is a matter of our rananiti (strategy). I cannot give
a definite reply at this time on queries like when India would cross
the LoC.''

``We have defeated Pakistan in the past, we will defeat it again,''
he said, adding that India was opposed to the idea of mediation
by a ``third country''.

Taking a pot-shot at the political system in Pakistan, he said:
``That country had been under military rule for 25 years of its
existence. It is difficult to predict who governs it.''

He admitted that the government was taken unawares by
Pakistan's intrusion across the border. However, he made it clear
that peace could not be a one-sided affair.

``We did not anticipate that the Lahore bus would reach Kargil.
As a result we faced some difficulties initially. But now things are
under control,'' Mr Vajpayee said while releasing a new Rs 2
coin bearing the profile of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at a public

Meanwhile, an external affairs ministry spokesman said on
Saturday that India has not received any proposal from the US
on providing an ``exit corridor'' for the Pakistan-backed intruders
in Kargil to go back.

``No proposal has been received,'' the spokesman said in reply
to questions on reports that a US delegation had discussed with
Pakistani an exit corridor proposal to be conveyed to the Indian
Vamsi M.

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