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telecom debacle - chapter 2

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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    Recently the DoT has cancelled the license for 2 Telecom companies
who have defaulted.  There is a better solution to this, as stated
below, that would have helped the people of India greatly.  We all know
that the DoT (which is part of GoI) is not interested in the welfare of
the people because it is too busy serving its own interests.

    A similar thing happened in Kansas City, USA that would serve as a
good example to highlight the fact that our bureaucrats are very good at
killing our own.  FCC (Federal Communications Commision) is equivelant
to TRAI in India was faced with a decision to cancel the license for a
telecom company for defaulting on its payments.  In a suprise move, the
FCC instead invited more participants into the circle and slashed the
license fees to a minimum.  Actually, this is not suprising but it
should be part of the common sense for agencies like DoT or TRAI.  The
slashing the license fees and inviting more participants into the
circle, the FCC earned the same amount that it initially sought (so, it
didn't loose any money from this move).  What is more: Kansas City
became one of the largest hubs for Telecom services because of increased
competition.  In fact, Sprint and MCI have a big development center
there!!  So the story ends like this: FCC got what it wanted in terms of
money and the people of Kansas City got what they wanted: good quality
Telecom service.  As a bonus these companies created a number of jobs!!
The problem in India is that TRAI doesn't have any "teeth" and sometimes
it also acts like DoT and not necessarily in the interest of the
consumer - we are doomed!!  The Chinese will occupy India and turn it
into a more efficienty colony......oh boy, I can't wait!

    A DoT for itself, by itself, and to itself:
THE Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has decided to take over
Koshika’s cellular network in UP for non-payment of the outstanding
licence fees.  The DoT today asked the Ghaziabad civil court to direct
Koshika to immediately hand over all its infrastructure, facilities,
equipment, passwords, commands, the books of  accounts, list of
subscribers and details of dues from the subscribers.  “It is surprising
that the DoT has taken over Koshika’s network even as the prime
minister’s office (PMO) is finalising concessions for the industry
following the Attorney General’s
opinion,” said an industry representative.  The PMO is finalising a
bailout package for the ailing telecom operators which envisages a shift
from the existing system of a
fixed licence fee to a revenue sharing arrangement and a licence fee
waiver for six months.  “The new telecom policy (NTP99) envisages
private participation in the telecom sector. If DoT takes over the
network, it would be a step towards nationalisation of the sector which
is against the basic spirit of the new telecom policy,” said the

Vamsi M.

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