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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
I am sorry, but I missed a day. This is in continuance with Vamsi's
observations :

Vamsi : << The fault is also with Indians like ourselves.  Even to this
day, I have not seen you admit to the fact that GoI is the biggest evil
that there is and it no more different than the British Raj in
oppressing the Indian people!! You have conveniently explained that
once Gateway clearances are given then everything would change without
realizing that Indian companies will be stomped because there are many
dominant forces in the area, already! It is as if we don't hold the GoI
responsible for anything and the same attitude is reflected in the
polls, as well.  Maybe, even before the law-makers change their mental
models, we should change ours. >>

Vamsi, it would help if you read mail more carefully. I had written
earlier :

<< Rajeev : We must understand that the GOI is nothing but another set
of people that we have in some form installed at the State & Central
levels. But more critically we have also nurtured corruption as a set
of everyday norms. There is no "them" & "us". Unless we can at every
level stand up and fight and refuse payment of "spoils" I see no change
happening >>

I had already said that we need to change our mindset. We have created
& nurtured this "oppression" ourselves. Realisation has to dawn about
this crucial distinction.

Vamsi : << Finally, you have totally ignored my point that unless India
has a strong footing in 1st-tier technologies the growth in 2nd-tier
technologies is unsustainable!!  This is a very, very important issue.
>> ... << You may think we are moving forward but I ask the important
question: who are we comparing ourselves to?  Antarctica? >>

It's not been ignored. Except that there are numerous issues more
crucial to the direction India needs to take. I had written quite a few
times that India needs to define the best options for ourselves. It
cannot be on a premise that we need to overtake the US or not overtake
the Antartica (!) ( That's why I am not impressed with the figures &
diagrams done by Sanjeev.) This will forever be a moving target and all
that we'll end up doing would be to chase that. We need to be
initiators of original concepts. We have the minds. What helped create
this. Why have we strayed to become so inefficient ? If we can really
try to understand this we can build on this.

Let me come to some specifics : We cannot ignore the fact a lot of our
minds have left for shores where they assume an easier acquisition of
wealth. Now inspite of the tremendous negative views of some of the
Indians abroad about the "worthlessness" of just about anything here in
India, the capabilities they currently possess were built on the
foundations created in India, on high subsidies by the GOI. ( Eg. the
IIT's ) Education like this in the US would set you back for quite a
few dollars. Right ? Now in the kind of market economy we propogate, we
should get returns on what we invest. Since the subsidies are basically
from public taxes, does the Indian citizenry deserve a return ?

Can we look at a new economic opportunities ? We have brilliant minds
here. Can we promote and sell capabilities from within our shores to
countries that require them ? Not for a pitiful "third world" rate
card, but for what it would be worth anywhere in the globe. Why are we
selling ourselves short ? I have consistently seen Corporate personnel,
even at the level of CEO's almost grovel in the presence of mediocre
foreigners. What's up? What's this complex ? This is part of a far
greater problem.

Signs of these can be seen also in the thousands of young students who
blindly say that they want to go "abroad" for studies. There are huge
rackets thriving on this where most of these students end up in
medicore institutions in some unknown corners of the globe. What is it
that makes us take the easiest route out ? The committment & hard work
required to make it outside is never generally here in India. Why ? We
can only really progress when we can try and understand some of these


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