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Re: strong economy, first - reply to Girish

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    Don't feel bad.......you are learning, aren't you?  So there, there
now......it will be ok.

    About demonizing the GoI, let me add a couple of comments: we have
too nice to an institution that has been serving itself.  I also realize
the fault is with us for looking to the Government to do everything for
The Government has the following responsibilities:

- To provide for a strong Military Defense!!  On this issue alone we
should be
utterly ashamed of GoI.  Instead of encouraging rapid expansion of
technologies that would have benefited Indian Defense sector, the GoI
was too
busy filling its pockets.  Today, kill ratios of 1:1000 are achieved by
armies.  Thanks to the GoI, the Indian Armed Forces have to settle for
something less.  I will say more under a different posting titled
Warfare and kill ratios...."  We are "comfortable" with "crying" when
some of
our brave people die at the border rather than seek long-term solutions
to the
problems faced by our Armed Forces.  Surely, we care about the brave men
the border but what justice is served for their sacrifice when we don't
sure that our Armed Forces are well equipped with the best technology by

creating a vibrant Economy and a strong Nation?

- To provide the framework for efficient use of capital/resources within
Economy so as to maintain a high rate of growth and prosperity!

    The Government has no other role!!  When an institution has served
at the expense of its people, it is no less than a Demon!  It is
of us to even be sarcastic about this matter.  The greatest threat to
Indians, is the rise of institutional power over individual freedoms and
are yet to pay the full price of it!

Vamsi M.

Girish Nair wrote:

> At various times you have referred to me as "concerned", Passionate",
> "friend", and equipped with as you put it " the flaw in my mental
> model". From a person who can so accurately pinpoint me by a few
> postings I would like learn less about me and more about some concrete

> steps you would like us (the participants of this debate) to take to
> help India be rid of your demon GoI!
> Some of us (me in particular) are not equipped (maybe because of our
> primitive metal mode you refer to) to assimilate your wisdom in full
> so would appreciate your steps in point form, without the mandatory
> winding explanations - as these tend to befuddle our feeble minds into

> mistaking you for being an empty vessel besides muddying the thesis
> put forth.
> In anticipation
> Girish Nair

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