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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Chirag says: "For what is the war being fought? If we don't believe we
can, through our present course of action, allow the Kashmiris their
freedom, we have to find other means of working to ensure that."

Chirag, young man: you are very wise for your years, and truly concerned
about PEOPLE: human beings who are our fellow colleagues on this planet

Let us look at the world thro' the eyes of a gentle human being, a
mother, a child, a fellow sojourner. Much peace comes therefrom. Look
not thro' the eyes of hatred even though the evil try to bring out our
hatred and baser emotions. Bring peace to Kashmir, people of India.
Forget Kargil. Talk about strategies to bring peace in the next 30-40
years. Long term, not short term. How, you brilliant and smart folks out
there, how will you bring peace to Kashmir?

Chirag: Pl. spend a little energy and time writing your thoughts in
1-page flyers and these if approved by the Board of IPI, will be
circulated widely across India for promoting further debate. How do we
find truly acceptable peace in Kashmir, and elsewhere? List the choices
before us and evaluate these on grounds of feasibility, humaneness,
democratic norms, economic progress, etc. 

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