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Re: Rajya Sabha reforms?

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Girish Nair wrote:

> I would like to propose the following. We change the method of
> of the Rajya Sabha MPs. I suggest they be directly elected
> representatives with a difference. Every citizen eligible to vote be
> allowed a vote. Then dependent on the taxes he or she pays a
> proportional additional votes. More the taxes paid up more votes you
> get. Pay no taxes get only one vote.

This idea is not new- during the debates to formulate the US
John Jay, a close associate and protege of james madison proposed that
"....the country should be governed by those who own the country"

> We could also include education
> votes. Pass your matriculation and get a vote. Graduation earns you
> another vote etc. Illiterate and paying no taxes you get one vote.
> Educated (cut off say 10 std) and no taxes two votes. More taxes you
> more votes you get.

This would nicely enshrine the stratification of society: those with
and education could reinforce their position and control legislation
to guarantee the position of their descendants.
I'm puzzled why we have to reinvent this system when there is a
perfectly good time tested system 'ready to wear' that will accomplish
the same objectives- it's called the caste system. With a few minor
updates that take advantage of modern technology such as
DNA data banks, it could be reborn as efficient as ever.
Archaic practices such as the prescription of pouring lead into the ears

of a lowcaste caught listening to sanskrit [ie trying to acquire an

could be made modern and humane by replacing it with a frontal orbital

> Perhaps corporations also could cast votes.

great idea! then we can have citibank, and jp morgan running the country

with wonderful corporate efficiency, largely insulated from messy
political democracy

> The Lok
> Sabha still remains supreme but the Rajya Sabha has been given some
> teeth. The details would have to be discussed in greater length, what
> proposed here is a broad outline.
> We could incorporate some means by which a national Government elected

> by the Rajya Sabha be permitted when there is a stalemate like what we

> saw recently in the Lok Sabha emerge, until a new Lok Sabha is formed.

We could also consider the british system of heredity peerage.
if members of the rajya sabha are from properly selected bloodlines
we always have an alternative to the disgusting vulgar problems of
electoral politics. we could also institute a royal family to provide
in the face of all the uncertainty created by elections.

[for those of you who missed it, or have not seen my past posts...


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