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Rajya Sabha reforms?

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The question of whether to call the Rajya Sabha to sit in session or not

has arisen again. And at such junctions I often wonder why we have a
Rajya Sabha at all. Not being directly elected it seems the only way we
can have a backdoor entry of such people like Manmohan Singh (who
genuinely need to be in parliament but would not stand a chance if he
stood for the Lok Sabha seat). I have often wondered whether electoral
reforms should also bring into gambit our houses of Parliament.
I would like to propose the following. We change the method of election
of the Rajya Sabha MPs. I suggest they be directly elected
representatives with a difference. Every citizen eligible to vote be
allowed a vote. Then dependent on the taxes he or she pays a
proportional additional votes. More the taxes paid up more votes you
get. Pay no taxes get only one vote. We could also include education
votes. Pass your matriculation and get a vote. Graduation earns you
another vote etc. Illiterate and paying no taxes you get one vote.
Educated (cut off say 10 std) and no taxes two votes. More taxes you pay

more votes you get. Perhaps corporations also could cast votes.  The Lok

Sabha still remains supreme but the Rajya Sabha has been given some
teeth. The details would have to be discussed in greater length, what is

proposed here is a broad outline.
We could incorporate some means by which a national Government elected
by the Rajya Sabha be permitted when there is a stalemate like what we
saw recently in the Lok Sabha emerge, until a new Lok Sabha is formed.

Girish Nair

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