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Re: Vamsi:knowing what we say - reply Girish

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Girish Nair wrote:

> Mr. Vamsi.
> One of the policies of the GoI has been subsidized higher education.
> Using this many Indians learned at the expense of their fellow tax
> paying Indians and then left the country to better mankind elsewhere (as
> this obviously couldn't be done in India.) They or their children may
> even be participating on this board today!
> I wonder whether it would be wise to withdraw this subsidy and
> concentrate on providing other ordinary Indians with telephones and
> Internet connections ... if not for anything else... at least so that
> the GoI could be termed ""staffed by "Patriots""
> Girish Nair

    GoI is brainless and certainly an oppressive institution!!  No one
subsidizes a sector like higher education especially when it contributes to
the "brain-drain" in the country.  But this is not new to the GoI.  They have
been subsidizing the "rural telecom" when there is clearly a better
alternative: that is to do away with the license fees altogether and there
will be 10s of companies flocking (competiing) to provide high quality service
to the Indian rural population - something that the GoI has not been able to
do even with its subsidies.

    You see, we simply don't have the mental models of the courage to build a
strong nation.  I expected you to criticize the fact that GoI is wasting
resources by charging high license fees so that it "can subsidize the rural
telecom expansion".  You should have intelligently argued that subsidization
cannot accomplish what competition in this sector can!!  Stand up for the
people of India and not for an oppressive institution like the GoI!!  My
emotional friend, do you dig?  If GoI Employees are labeled as patriots for
creating an unhealthy environment for Telecom growth and brainlessly
subsidizing the "brain-drain", then I am afraid that I am on the wrong forum!!

Vamsi M.

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