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Re: strong economy, first....

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Thank you Mr. Vamsi
Surprising that you couldn't contact me on the email address. I guess
your much touted software industry still has a few glitches to be ironed

<Entreprenuers cannot do anything when they are shackled (even with a
lot of time).  This is exactly the reason why we don't a Microsoft,
Hewlett-Packard, etc. in India.>
This is the second time you have written about the success of the IT
industry (directly to me). Mr. Vamsi, what do you regard as success. Let

me give you an example (I not sure but I think I'm quoting Fortune). The

market value of Yahoo has grown to $27 billion and that is more than the

entire US Steel Industry is worth. And you and I know what huge profits
Yahoo makes! What happens when the bubble bursts?
And I stand by what I say. You cannot just dump a system and replace it
without compromising on time. Not in a democracy at least.
Girish Nair

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