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Re: Good and Evil in Pakistan

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Dear Dr. Roy,

Let me assure you that my comments were not directed towards the  people
Pakistan in general, although there is a highly distorted and
attitude toward India among the masses there. In some
ways, I regard the people of Pakistan as being either drugged or held
hostage by their successive thuggish regimes. As a matter of fact, the
reason why Najam Sethi was arrested and tortured upon his return to
Pakistan from India, was that he had referred to the Pakistani state as
"criminal enterprise" during a speech he gave in New Delhi to the
Indo-Pak Friendship Society.

As far as Mohenjo Daro & Harappa are concerned, there is no question
of destroying them. We do however need to be forever vigilant in
the face of such audacious brutality and depthless mendacity as
exhibited by the Pakistani state and its war machine. Let us not be
under any illusion: no peace or 'normalization' is possible with such
a state until and unless it reforms drastically; chances are this will
not happen until it receives a catastrophic blow. Kargil may be the
first step toward this direction.

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