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ULFA hand in RDX blast of train

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Mr Subrata Roy is right in saying that the insurgernts are helping the
and ULFA was most likely involved with the blast in the train at NJP
station. Two ULFA cadres were arrested at Coochbehar yesterday which
strengthens the belief. Moreover, the ULFA chief Paresh Baruah is
believed to be in Karachi.
However, to keep the record straight, ULFA has not yet acknowledged this

blast as its act, and in fact has denied it in a press report published
the Assam newspapers.
Pakistan is inherantly  an anti-Indian state, and no apologies should be

offered for whatever language is used in its war-mongering context. Its
agents such as ULFA should be hounded out of its safe havens in Bhutan,
requested by the Bhutanese govt. Our govt's dilly-dallying in such
not only kills innocents, but also encourages others to be extremists.
Today, extremism in the North-East is only a source of earning money by
extortion, and silencing the voice of harbingers of change such as
Dr S K Barua

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