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RE: Vamsi:knowing what we say

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Dear Mr. Vamsi

Thanks. I agree competition will be a powerful motivator for monopoly
suppliers to become more efficient and responsive.


Mukul Asher

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[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    Here, we have to work under the framework of Democracy and I propose
following:  If we can bring down DoT and VSNL and encourage a framework
will require intense competition among Telecom companies, then
work itself.  When I say "bring down DoT and VSNL", I mean make them
part of
the competition - they have to earn their living by providing quality
to the Indian people or simply go to China or Pakistan!!

    How do we get the DoT and VSNL to givup monopoly status?  This can
done by Parliament, PM, or the President.  As a note: even MRTPC
and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission cannot take care of DoT and
This is a very good example of how the GoI would crack down on various
companies using MRTPC but then it would carve itself special privileges
that same agency cannot touch DoT and VSNL - so much for a Government
meant to protect the interests of the people.

    The deregulation petition was drafted to urge the Parliament, PM, or
President to completely deregulate the Telecom Sector and do away with
license fees, altogether.  Indian Government can gain just as much
through job-creation in various sectors, including Telecom, if we have a

infrastructure.  Can you imagine the revenue from income taxation if
of jobs were created in all sectors if our Telecom infrastructure was
The GoI wants money first but we, the People, should stand up and say
will get your many when you ensure the security of the future

    I will contact the people at IPI to see if I can put a draft of the
Telecom. Deregulation Policy for downloading, etc.

    Our only means is to gain the necessary political will because we
certainly can't expect agencies like MRTPC to do it for us.

Vamsi M.

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