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Study of Effects of Nuclear War on Civilian Populations

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Please find enclosed the only study done of the possible effects of a =
nuclear explosion on an Indian or Pakistani city.   This may be of =
interest to the scientific community and ordinary citizens of both our =

countrry and our adversary.   It is done by Dr. M. V. Ramana of MIT who
is presently with the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at =
Princeton University.   He is also with the International Physicians for
the Prevention of Nuclear War.    In  email correspondence, Dr Ramana =
writes as follows, which speaks for itself:
Dear Dr. Roy:  Thank you for your message. I have not done any studies =

for other cities but one of the purposes of describing the methodology =

of such calculations in my paper was so that others, who are more =
familiar with other cities, could do similar calculations. If you know =

of anyone interested in doing that, I will be happy to help him or her.
I also have made some changes to my paper and it is due to come out next
month (or early August) as an IPPNW (International Physicians for the =
Prevention of Nuclear War) report finally. If you send me your mailing =

address, I will mail you a copy.=20
Regarding civil defence, by and large, they are mostly ineffective. One
could save some people from blast effects and radiation if one were to =

construct special underground shelters. But if they are within the fire
zone, chances are that the temperature will be high enough to kill them
from asphyxiation and CO poisoning. Further, it is virtually impossible
to construct enough shelters for even a large fraction of the population
of Bombay or Calcutta. Neither would there be warning time for people to
go from where they are into one of these shelters. So, my opinion is =
that civil defence does not have any significant impacts."
I have asked him for an easily accessible website from where his study =

may be downloaded generally.  =20

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