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Re: Vamsi:knowing what we say

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    My friend, you are a true patriot!!  You care more for the people of India
than the power hungry institutions like GoI.  The people of India have paid a
heavy price so a few in the DoT and VSNL can benefit from it - even these
people have poor quality telecom service, I am sure.  No Government that
claims to be "for the people and by the people" would commit such an
"atrocity" against its own!!  This why I made the comment that GoI is no
different than the British Raj.

    I am afraid Telecom is just one part of the problem and deregulation would
give us a lot of breathing space.  However, India must have a good footing in
1st-tier technologies to have a strong Economy, strong Military, strong
Infrastructure, good healthcare, competive space exploration, and on and
on.......  I am afraid we can't wait for our bureaucrats to be educated, we
must take action by telling the people in the parliament (writing to them,
etc) that every such issue is going to cost them votes.  I have even suggested
to IPI that a history of how each MLA and MP has voted on such issues should
be published on this site.  This is how they will listen!!  We have to use the
"slow moving" wheel of democracy to our advantage for our sake and for the
sake of the future generations!

    We must never create a country where institutions have greater power (to
abuse) over the individuals in that country.  Concentration of power with
institutions will lead to abuse while distribution of power among all the
individuals in our nation will lead to checks and balances that will not allow
abuse of it by any one individual - we have thus taken the first step in
creating the most prosperous and most powerful nation on the Planet!!

Vamsi M.

"Kulshreshta, Bhuwan" wrote:

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> [Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
> ___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
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> Dear Rajiv,
> I would tend to agree with Vamsi on the telecom issue. While we have
> definitely made progress on this front (particularly since the time of
> the
> Telecom Mission days) we have still probably the worst telecom network
> of
> any large nation. We still are largely driven by trunk and manual
> exchanges
> and have a very poor cable & connectivity network. Clearly the root
> cause is
> the monopoly status of DOT and VSNL both of these agencies are not only
> corrupt to the bone but also very inefficient.
> The whole issue of licence fees is amazing. Why should there be licence
> fees
> and permission requirements in the first place. Telecom is a business
> like
> any other. Why should the government be paid in advance for this?? Why
> should the government be paid to set up gateways? This licence fee is in
> addition to usage, connectivity charges that the operator pays DOT &
> VSNL as
> well as income tax and other taxes that the operator has to pay like any
> other corporate. The ostensible reason is to invest this income for
> developing the telecom infrastructure in rural areas, it is interesting
> to
> se how little of this money actually goes towards developing the telecom
> infrastructure and how much goes towards fixing the huge deficit that
> the
> government tots up supporting the grossly under productive public sector
> and
> other wacky programs that achieve nothing.
> Telecom is the key infrastructure today and if we do not fix this
> quickly
> and rapidly we are in trouble. China telecom, a government company by
> the
> way, has transformed China's telecom completely, by next year China
> would be
> the largest telecom network in the WORLD, bigger than the US and Japan!!
> It
> already has the World's largest cellphone network. Internet access is
> easy,
> inexpensive and very good despite most of the internet content being in
> English. China is today adding close to 10 million new telephone lines
> every
> year!!! Has a first class fibre optic and Radio/ Microwave connectivity
> throughout the country. This is because the government of China realises
> the
> critical importance of a good telecom network in a countries
> development. It
> is clearly seen in China as the number one priority from an economic
> infrastructure point of view and is given a free hand as well as huge
> resources.
> Even small countries like Chile, Mexico & Venezuela have telecom
> networks
> that are of world standards. And this is mostly because this sector is
> seen
> clearly as a business enterprise and not the domain of the government.
> Investment flows through in this sector due to this. Even Brazil which
> already had a far far better telecom network than us privatised its
> entire
> telecom infrastructure last year. We are probably the last Large, non
> communist country in the world where the government still controls this
> area
> and we are definitely poorer for that. If we do not fix this soon we are
> certainly going to miss the Information technology bus. Which is
> something
> we Indians do not deserve.
> Regards,
> Bhuwan
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> [Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
> ___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
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> Rajeev Manikoth wrote:
> > I would like to hear from you in detail of what your efforts to Indian
> > Telecom are. Maybe I could do something here.
> >
>     Very good, I would be delighted if we can work together on this.
> You
> and
> can begin communicating directly.
> Oh regarding me saying anything positive about the Indian Technology
> environment, I am afraid that I cannot - no matter how hard I try.  For
> example, the US E-Commerce grew to $300 billion recently and India's is
> yet
> to
> cross $1 billion.
>     What we have to understand is this, the procedure required to get
> clearances for Gateways is so unnecessary.  Indian companies are loosing
> valuable time while their US counterparts are clearly establishing their
> dominance.  This is a classical example of how India kills its own.
> First,
> the mental models of the law-makers have to change so that they give the
> Economy a higher status (wealthier Indians = well we know what that is).
> You
> may think we are moving forward but I ask the important question: who
> are we
> comparing ourselves to?  Antarctica?
>     Finally, you have totally ignored my point that unless India has a
> strong
> footing in 1st-tier technologies the growth in 2nd-tier technologies is
> unsustainable!!  This is a very, very important issue.
>     The fault is also with Indians like ourselves.  Even to this day, I
> have
> not seen you admit to the fact that GoI is the biggest evil that there
> is
> and
> it no more different than the British Raj in oppressing the Indian
> people!!
> You have conveniently explained that once Gateway clearances are given
> then
> everything would change without realizing that Indian companies will be
> stomped because there are many dominant forces in the area, already!  It
> is
> as
> if we don't hold the GoI responsible for anything and the same attitude
> is
> reflected in the polls, as well.  Maybe, even before the law-makers
> change
> their mental models, we should change ours.  Praising a faulty and
> highly
> oppressive system is no good.  Constructive criticism would put us all
> in a
> better situation and might even help in creating the most powerful and
> prosperous nation on the planet!!
> Sincerely,
> Vamsi M.
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Vamsi M.

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