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Re: ULFA separatists hand in hand with Pak ISI

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
I do not think anyone should condone such terrorism by any group and
too at this point in time when the security and integrity of India is at


However, we all must understand why such groups are coming into
existence in
various states demanding secession or autonomy. I would imagine that
most of
them are tired of politicization, corruption and complete disregard for
people's interests which is driving many of the groups to take up arms
or to
disrupt government.

It is absurd to seek unity from all the Indians even at this point in
specially when many of them have been alienated, overlooked, and
oppressed due to their religion, or cast or lack of education or lack of

wealth or political views. Still, most are not engaged in terrorism or
helping Pakistani's cause.


>In view of the IPI discussion on secessionism a few months ago, IPI =
>members may please note that ULFA has taken responsibility for killing
>and injuring numerous Gorkha Rifles' soldiers in an RDX train blast =
>yesterday at New Jalpaiguri station, who were on their way to Kargil.
>The Indian Army has stated that ULFA is assisting the Pak ISI in giving

>information about Indian troop movements in the country.
>We have a war thrust on us by the Pak military, and all Indian efforts
>need to concentrate on that fact.
>Subroto Roy.

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