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Re: Critique of Dasgupta's description

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Dr. Roy:

I am well aware of the uses and abuses of language, and in this case
the shoe fits to a tee. We are talking of a nation and its leadership
which sanctions the torture of prisoners of war including but not
limited to:

-gouging of the eye
-hacking of limbs
-cutting off genitals
-throwing acid on the face

We have to remember what we are dealing with here. It's nothing short
of evil, pure and unadulterated. We must face up to it, confront it,
and call such men and such states what they are. As a matter of fact,
"poisonous insect" is a rather mild description.

I am also surprised that we are so preoccupied with niceties and
pleasantries while our jawans are making the supreme sacrifice
against an enemy as coldblooded and thuggish as this. When are
we going to wake up and realize what Pakistan really is: a state
controlled by criminal elements backed by terrorists and drug dealers
who are bent on the destruction of India, a pluralistic, democratic
which is a roadblock to their evil designs.

Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:
>  "this poisonous insect of a nation"
>The above is not a civil way for an Indian to describe Pakistan, even
>we may be enemies in war shortly.   It places us at the same level of
>in Pakistan who use similar terms to describe us.    There is good and
>in Pakistan as there is everywhere else.  The problem at the moment is
>the evil seem to have the upper hand.
>Subroto Roy.

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