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Re: Vamsi:knowing what we say

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Rajeev Manikoth wrote:

> I would like to hear from you in detail of what your efforts to Indian
> Telecom are. Maybe I could do something here.

    Very good, I would be delighted if we can work together on this.  You and
can begin communicating directly.

Oh regarding me saying anything positive about the Indian Technology
environment, I am afraid that I cannot - no matter how hard I try.  For
example, the US E-Commerce grew to $300 billion recently and India's is yet to
cross $1 billion.

    What we have to understand is this, the procedure required to get
clearances for Gateways is so unnecessary.  Indian companies are loosing
valuable time while their US counterparts are clearly establishing their
dominance.  This is a classical example of how India kills its own.  First,
the mental models of the law-makers have to change so that they give the
Economy a higher status (wealthier Indians = well we know what that is).  You
may think we are moving forward but I ask the important question: who are we
comparing ourselves to?  Antarctica?

    Finally, you have totally ignored my point that unless India has a strong
footing in 1st-tier technologies the growth in 2nd-tier technologies is
unsustainable!!  This is a very, very important issue.

    The fault is also with Indians like ourselves.  Even to this day, I have
not seen you admit to the fact that GoI is the biggest evil that there is and
it no more different than the British Raj in oppressing the Indian people!!
You have conveniently explained that once Gateway clearances are given then
everything would change without realizing that Indian companies will be
stomped because there are many dominant forces in the area, already!  It is as
if we don't hold the GoI responsible for anything and the same attitude is
reflected in the polls, as well.  Maybe, even before the law-makers change
their mental models, we should change ours.  Praising a faulty and highly
oppressive system is no good.  Constructive criticism would put us all in a
better situation and might even help in creating the most powerful and
prosperous nation on the planet!!

Vamsi M.

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