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Vamsi:knowing what we say

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Vamsi wrote :

" My friend you have absolutely no idea what you are saying here.
Indian Telecom is maze of troubles that would never benefit the people
of India in its current state.  I have said more than enough about this
in the past and I urge those who are interested to go through the
archives - as far back as a year.  Absolutely NO sarcasm intended when
I say: good luck in getting a high-speed net connection in India for
you or your children!! "

I am not sure of how reliable your information sources here are. Nobody
is denying that there are "n" number of things that has to drastically
change, otherwise I wouldn't be on this forum. But the unfortunate part
is how none of the better part of what's also happening in India never
gets its due. Our media thrives on negative reporting. 80% of newspaper
content for example only reports depressing news, very often of the
"armchair" variety. This for a rather passive, unmotivated public is
enough to push them into further depression.

Over the past few months about 4 internet service providers have
started operations.(There could be more in other Metros) Once private
gateways are enabled, things are going to change quite rapidly, at
least in this context.
And Vamsi, when I say something, rest assured that I have done my
homework. It could be that you work in other ways.

I would like to hear from you in detail of what your efforts to Indian
Telecom are. Maybe I could do something here.


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