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Re: Answers for the curious one

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
    I am impressed and I congratulate you for your efforts.  You have earned
more respect from me whether it matters to you or not.  I will send an answer
to your request in detail but I want to make a statement about the following.

Rajeev Manikoth wrote:

> It would have eco-friendly practices, energy efficient, with
> good connectivity ( hoping to put in cable based net access ) and so
> on.

    My friend you have absolutely no idea what you are saying here.  Indian
Telecom is maze of troubles that would never benefit the people of India in
its current state.  I have said more than enough about this in the past and I
urge those who are interested to go through the archives - as far back as a
year.  Absolutely NO sarcasm intended when I say: good luck in getting a
high-speed net connection in India for you or your children!!

    Maybe, it is worth repeating one important statement which I have said
many times before.  India will seriously fall behind in 2nd, 3rd.....tier
technologies if it doesn't get its act straight in the 1st-tier technologies
such as Semiconductor Manufacturing.  2nd-tier technologies include Telecom,
Desktop Computers, Office Automation equipment, etc.  Factory automation falls
under 2nd-tier technologies.  Which India can use to build better products and
construct better roads rapidly!!  3rd-tier technologies include massive
networks such as the Internet and sattelite based networks such as Iridium and
Teledesic.  Also, ATM-based transport networks.

    Nonetheless, keep up the effort.  We can all do our part, at least.

Vamsi M.

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