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Re: Barun's op-ed

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
I'm sorry, but it's really not a great idea. Economic cooperation,
freer trade and open markets with Pakistan is possible when
and ONLY when that criminal enterprise of a country abjures its
hateful ideology of the destruction of India. Till then, we need to
be vigilant, combative, and fully prepared to encounter this
monstrosity known as Pakistan. The only caveat I would add is that we
not let this poisonous insect of a nation distract us on our way to
a global power. To that end, we need to open up our economy, release the

long suppressed entrepreneurial talent of our dynamic people, and build
military that puts the fear of God in our enemies. This is all we need
do, no more, no less.

For further reading, please see Pritish Nandy's latest column in Rediff
called "Demolish the Myth".


Sanjeev wrote:

>Great idea!

Barun Mitra wrote:

>War clouds are gathering over Kashmir once again. After fifty years of
>endless confrontation, it is high time to think of a different
strategy. It
>is quite quite clear that a military victory will not settle the issue
>either way. While the political divide is obvious, effective steps
>open trade and travel, in Kashmir and in South Asia, would go a long
way in
>building a market based  relationship, which in turn could help
>the political pressures. Unlike the military victories, conquests by
>market forces leave no victims, only winners  peace and prosperity. It
>time we gave it a thought.

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